GDPR Seminar At Quintech Offices

Quintech recently hosted a free to attend GDPR Seminar at our offices in Green Lane, Tewkesbury and it was a rousing success! Having set out to have 30-40 attendees, we twice had to increase the capacity due to demand and we had over 70 attendees on the day!

Managing Director - Dominic Beck Johnson opened proceedings once attendees had networked amongst each other and made sure to grab a coffee. Dominic thanked everyone for attending at such an early time especially with the appalling weather that we had that day and ran through the agenda for the morning. Following on from Dominic, we had Steven Murray from Harrison Clark Rickerbys, Nathan King from Cyberis & Duncan Sutcliffe from Sutcliffe & Co.

Dominic went through a few points about GDPR from an IT perspective mentioning: Data management, security, software and also staff. This set up appropriately for our feature speaker going through a whole host of details surrounding GPDR:

Steven Murray - Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors 

Steven was the feature length speaker at the seminar and was in charge of introducing what GDPR was on the whole and what it meant from a legal perspective. He went through why GDPR was coming in, addressed attendees readiness for GDPR, and also how to assess how ready and prepared they were. Steven addressed the different definitions of data and what was required of businesses if they held this type of data and reinforced what Dominic had said moments before in that there needs to be a lot more stringency regarding who has access to what data.

Steven capped off a very in depth and interesting talk by offering practical solutions in an effort to ready businesses for GDPR such as: data cleansing, data audits as well as a data protection impact assessment. All of the ideas offered to the attendees were actionable and things that they could get started on as soon as they'd got back to their respective offices. Attendees had a bag full of questions for Steven! So many that we had to postpone Steven answering questions until the conclusion of the event so that the event did not overrun.

Nathan King - Cyberis

Nathan (Managing Director of Cyberis) talked about GDPR & Penetration Testing. He explained what penetration testing was how an authorised simulated attack on a company's systems could prove useful in identifying security faults and issues within a network that could have been exploited by hackers. Nathan went on to explain about the different types of cyber attacks that can be carried out on businesses and the direct impact they have on the day to day running of a business.

Nathan also explained that there were now many different types of threats in relation to cyber attacks rather than "Script Kiddies/Hackers" and that it was now far more advanced and in depth that it ever had been - seeing a lot more organised crime and insiders carrying out cyber attacks for a variety of reasons: Fun/curiosity, financial gain, gaining a competitive advantage to name but a few reasons. Nathan went on to say about the Cyber Essentials Scheme which can be done by any business and is fast becoming an essential kitemark for businesses within supply chains to have. A much more technical look at GDPR which was very befitting of the seminar being hosted by Quintech.

Duncan Sutcliffe - Sutcliffe & Co Insurance Brokers

Duncan took a different approach to talking about GDPR including testing our attendees willingness to give up personal information by devising a fake competition to win a hotel stay as well as recreating a "what is my name" social media style quiz. It was truly eye opening when Duncan explained what could be done with the data that our attendees had just given up about themselves. Duncan spoke about cyber insurance and what it entailed and asked our Commercial Manager - Pete, if we had contents insurance and cyber insurance. The answer was yes and Duncan proceeded to throw a laptop to the floor, smashing it to pieces - much to the shock of everyone in the room! This was to demonstrate that the hardware could be replaced, however confidential data could easily have been erased/wiped from it before you had even realised. This linked into cyber insurance as anything could happen with data if you were to leave a laptop/tablet on public transport for example.

Duncan went through a claim example of what cyber insurance would protect from and how it worked in a real world situation and also how a cyber attack could affect a business financially and the costs surrounding data loss. The most common types of cyber attack in 2017 were Ransomware and Fraud - both of which are reliant on human error. Not only this, but the average dwell time on a system in 2016 by a hacker was 99 days! Duncan had the attendees laughing and engaged throughout the presentation and closed the seminar on a high.

The feedback that we received from attendees was very positive and that all 3 speakers had given a brilliant insight into GDPR from different perspectives and helped them to make sense of the minefield that is GDPR ahead of the May 25th deadline. A huge thank you to Steven Murray, Nathan King & Duncan Sutcliffe for attending the seminar and giving fantastic talks as well as a big thank you to all attendees.

I hope you enjoyed this recap on our GDPR Seminar and if you are confused about GDPR or if you feel your computer network is due an overhaul/needs to be looked at, then do not hesitate to get in touch with me on 01684 882774 or email me at

Mike Philpott