Microsoft Windows is 30

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On November 20th, 1985, Microsoft ships Windows 1.0. Now, rather than typing MS-DOS commands, you just move a mouse to point and click your way through screens, or “windows.” Bill Gates says, “It is unique software designed for the serious PC user.”

Originally codenamed 'Interface Manager' Its first incarnation was as a front end for Microsoft's command-line DOS (Disk Operating System). Windows 1.0 could only support tiled windows, but had desktop features such as MS-DOS Executive (DOS file manager), Calendar, Cardfile, Notepad, Terminal, Calculator and Clock. Utilities included RAMDrive (for managing memory cards designed to beat the PC's 640KB memory limit), Clipboard and Print Spooler. There was even a game, Reversi!

The minimum system requirements for Windows 1.0 were: MS-DOS version 2.0; two double-sided floppy disk drives or a hard disk; 256KB of memory or greater; and a graphics adapter card.