In Sage 200 2013 workspaces have been extensively redesigned. The enquiry screens within the Sage 200 modules and the list views have been replaced with workspaces.

The new workspaces have been created for all modules and have been designed with the customer in mind, giving you the same information that you could previously access from the list views and enquiry screens displayed in an updated, user friendly fashion.

For general information on workspaces please see the overview in the help files.


The new workspaces are highly customisable -all workspaces can be tailored to your role. You can add to existing workspaces or create new ones! Workspaces can easily be customised and extended via the workspace designer and data can be pulled from any data source including those external to Sage 200.

Changes can be made easily per user (selecting columns and users) or for all users (adding/removing reports or actions for example). To change a workspace for all users, you would need to access the Workspace Designer. For more information on Workspace Designer, please see the help files. 

The information displayed on workspaces can be filtered to locate specific data i.e. data for certain customers or suppliers.

From the workspaces, you are able perform actions such as viewing transactions for the customer/supplier you have highlighted, printing reports and exporting to excel. This provides greater efficiency - data and actions which have traditionally been available via the menu and list view are now available and actionable via a single screen.