Cloud Communications – Quintech telephone calls sent over the internet test.

For the last week or so, every telephone call coming into Quintech and also be made by Quintech has been transported over an ADSL FTTC (Fibre to the cabinet) line - Have you noticed? Probably not, we certainly have not experienced any quality issues.

Our clever telephone system SWYX, has allowed us to route these calls over ADSL, previously all our calls went out over ISDN. So why change?

ISDN lines are expensive and we needed 6 of them to handle our telephone call traffic and we did not want to purchase them for our new offices and sought an alternative solution.  This week we actually only needed one line and this line also provided all of our Internet, email and remote access too! It is all to do with the bandwidth, we now have loads of it to throw at different applications (telephone being called an application) so we can handle more services with less lines. - So less cost...

Now we need to be careful here. This is only a temporary measure. Our dedicated Leaseline gets installed later this week and this is a guaranteed service with a Service Level Agreement. Unfortunately, as brilliant as our new superfast FTTC line was, if it went down, it might take BT 5 days to resolve and this would be bad for business as we might not get any calls!

So what is this Blog about?  I guess, change. The traditional infrastructure in this country is changing at a rapid pace and all sorts of clever systems are now accessible because the internet access is so superfast. Telephones are just one service that has and is changing very quickly and please be wary of old systems that cannot keep up with the pace as this might cost you a packet!

Some of our calls will continue to go out over the ADSL FTTC line especially for staff working at home or remotely. Calls are roughly the same price but we see these charges reducing over the coming months as competition increases. 


By Ian Dally