Secure Email Messaging

Have you asked how do I encrypt an email to send to a customer?

Our system (Cirius) delivers secure corporate messaging for email encryption, data loss prevention and large file transfer. Cirius is innovating secure messaging by combining rich client-level features along with enterprise security integrated tightly with your existing email infrastructure. Cirius helps large enterprises and small businesses improve security and compliance, makes employees more productive, speeds up workflows and improves communication with customers and partners.

The 3 component parts of the product are:

1) Cirius Messaging - Securely send, receive, and track corporate messages on any device, anytime and anywhere.

2) Cirius DLP – Provide enhanced email security to prevent data leaks and protect sensitive information.

3) Cirius File Transfer – Send and receive any size file attachments via email without taxing the network or the mail server.

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Download Product Street - Secure_Messaging_Overview.pdf

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