Don’t be fooled by low purchase prices and exaggerated claims of reliability. Non-HP cartridges don’t always live up to their promises. Get the facts to make the right decision about how to spend your printing budget—and protect your bottom line.

Myth:Non-HP cartridges are just as reliable as Original HP cartridges.

Fact:If you assume that a non-HP toner cartridge will work exactly the same as an Original HP LaserJet toner cartridge, think again. In a survey of HP LaserJet users, Photizo Group found that 45% of customers using non-HP toner cartridges experience problems with those cartridges. In fact, 17% of HP mono LaserJet and 20% of HP colour LaserJet users using non-HP cartridges experience cartridges that fail, leak, or run out of toner prematurely. In addition, a SpencerLab test proved Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges tested worked first time, every time and of all non-HP toner cartridges tested, 53% exhibited some kind of problem. In fact 28% were dead on arrival or had an early end of life.


Myth:Non-HP cartridges won’t hurt your printer.

Fact:The reliability problems associated with non-HP cartridges can cause printing problems—and may even harm your printer. According to the same Photizo Group study, more than 1 in 15 LaserJet customers using non-HP cartridges end up with a damaged printer that requires cleaning or repair and 18% experience printer downtime as a result of cartridge problems. Photizo Group also found that 65% of HP mono LaserJet userswho have a problem with a non-HP toner cartridge turn to a company or external resource for help. That can get costly — fast!!