Sage 200 - Early Settlement Discount Options

You’re probably aware by now of the change in legislation from 1 April 2015 relating to the processing of Early Settlement Discount (ESD). The changes imposed by the new legislation will require changes to the architecture and user interface for Sage 200.

Sage 200 2015 will be fully compliant with the new legislation and also offers the best option in terms of usability. This version will be the only version that is both compliant and contains additional functionality to assist with processing any required VAT adjustments that won’t be in older versions.

Sage 200 2011, Sage 200 2013 and Sage 200 2013 R2 will be updated via a Service Pack which contains the ability to ‘switch on’ the new legislation changes after installation. Whilst the software will be fully compliant with the legislation changes, these versions will not contain the same usability enhancements as those found in Sage 200 2015. Customers not wishing to upgrade to the new version will still be able to process transactions affected by ESD, but this processing will include additional manual routines.

Sage 200 2009 and Sage 200 2010 will not have any updates released and therefore the software will not be compliant with the new legislation and customers will be unable to print invoices that show the correct VAT discount amounts.