SharePoint is a web application platform that has a variety of different uses depending on your requirements.

The 5 main functions of SharePoint are:

  • Share – This allows you to easily contact employees across the entire network. This allows people to share ideas easily and allows new ways to work together.
  • Organize – A good feature as it can be used for not only individual work, but also work as a team. This function is used to help you organize information, people and also projects!
  • Discover – this makes it easier to find answers for what you’re looking for.
  • Build – This function is useful as it allows the user to create a website using familiar software tools, which makes the whole use of it that much easier!
  • Manage – allows people to manage not only themselves, but also allows them to manage costs and risks.

This variety of different functions helps you in running your business in a much more organized manner which will allow you in turn to run your business more efficiently.

From an organisation perspective, SharePoint is a unique web application that serves your organisation well as all of the functions are relevant and easy to use.

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