Credit Hound

Credit Hound is a credit control addition which will allow you to chase the payments that you require from outside the business which should be coming in.

Credit Hound is used because it saves you time and guides you in what you should be doing to chase for payments. Using Credit Hound allows you to chase up to an extra 10 clients per working day for payments – this means that you should see an increase in the cash flow of the business.              


It gives you an overview of situations that are occurring.

  • Who has your promised money?

-Displays overdue payments broken down by not yet due, overdue and disputed invoices

  • Where is the money you’re supposed to be getting?

-It shows the amount of money you’re owed.

  • Scheduled calls that you need to chase on.

-In ‘My Diary Calls’

  • Where is the cash that you were promised?

-Overview of clients that said they would pay and when by

  • My Disputes

-Log of who owes you money, how much and why have they not paid?

Pre-emptive reminders: Reminders sent to your clients / customers to encourage payments.

Dispute Management: A payment tracking feature that provides an overview of disputed payments which allow you to avoid payment delay where possible.

Screen Chase: Displays all the information that you need on one screen so you have everything you need to chase invoice payments that are late.

Calendar: Automatically schedules and updates all reminders on your calendar to help you keep on top of the payments that you should be getting and also to review disputed invoices

ERP Integration: Links to your accounts system to ensure all information is accurate and up to date.

Reporting: Lists of reports that can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation.

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