Secure Business Offsite Backup

Quintech's Business Cloud Backup service is a secure, fully automated ‘set and forget’ solution powered by Attix5, ideal for organisations with limited in-house IT resources.

  • Eliminate the risk of human error by automating the entire backup process using Attix5 Pro’s up-to-the-minute backup scheduling feature
  • The Attix5 patching process will isolate only the changes made to a particular file since the previous backup. Only these changes are sent to the Storage Platform providing a true “incremental backup” ensuring that bandwidth and transfer time is kept to a minimum
  • One to thousands of workstations and/or servers running different operating systems can be backed up to our data centres and managed via a single console
  • Use filters, and file-level inclusion and exclusion to specify data to backup, restore and ignore
  • A single management console enables backup administrators to control backup and restore processes and configure all Clients remotely
  • Backup Client users can restore data directly to their workstations, without the need for technical support

All data is mirrored every 15 minutes to our second Tier 3, UK Data Centre

Please contact us for a quote from as little as £20 per month. Alternatively, fill out the form below and we will call you back.


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