Preventative Maintenance

Quintech provides a full support service both for hardware and software and we strongly recommend that our customers take up this service.

However, as is the case in many other industries, a relatively small amount of preventative maintenance can often prevent a great deal of repair.


NetCare is one of Quintech's preventative maintenance products and it comes in the form of one of our highly skilled technicians for a day or half day.

Typically a NetCare day will be spent ensuring that your system is set up optimally. It is surprising how computer settings can be altered without you knowing anything about it, and each minor alteration, though having little impact on its own, can compound with all the other minor alterations being made, to adversely affect the performance of your system. Our technicians will identify all the areas that are operating sub-optimally and make the necessary adjustments.

Of course, NetCare days can also be used to implement planned changes within your business. New people may join and require a new PC and access to your network, movements within an office may require network configurations to be changed or new software may need to be installed. It really is up to you. 

Pro Active Server Support (PASS)

Your server is the most important part of your network. It is usually your main data storage facility; runs your Order Processing, Accounts and CRM software; it delivers your e-mail; and it manages your Internet connection. If it fails, your network ceases to operate, which is why servers are often specified with redundant capacity so that they can continue to operate if components do fail.

Early advice that you have a problem with your server is vital. Even if the additional built in redundancy keeps the server working, failed components need to be replaced quickly.

PASS is an automatic remote check on all your server's main functions. PASS checks many functions every 15 minutes and others, such as back-up, on a daily basis. With it, we become aware of problems as they arise and can resolve them before you realise that anything is wrong.

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