5 minutes with Dominic Beck Johnson

April 4, 2022

Describe your journey to becoming Managing Director of Quintech.

I joined Quintech in 1997 as a Salesperson and worked my way up to Sales Director, then I took over the mantle of MD a few years ago.  

What does your role as MD find you doing on a daily basis?

A little bit of everything! I look at profitability and sales in the financial review, and in turn work with the sales team on strategy and targets.  We’re giving a big push on marketing, so I’m involved in activity planning and deployment. I’m always looking for ways to improve our company efficiencies so I’ll regularly review new systems which can help us do that. I work with the technical team to continually look at new products and services on the market that can help improve our customers’ way of working. Customer care is a big one for me – talking to clients, reviewing our feedback, looking at how we can develop and improve our service. I’m also one of the SAP experts in the team so I’m often helping clients to get the most out of their ERP system.

What are the best, worst and most surprising parts about being an MD?

The best part is getting a sense of achievement. When you are sweating the detail all the time it’s important to stand back now and then and see what has been achieved as a company.

The worst bit? Well, ask most business owners and directors and they will tend to agree that managing staff is usually the hardest part of the job, but it can also be the most rewarding. I love watching people grow and learn new skills.

Something surprising, and it shouldn’t be, is seeing what our customers think of us. When they give us fantastic feedback it still blows me away. I never take anything for granted.

Describe some of the highlights of leading the business over the past 14 years.

I’m pleased to say there’s been lots!! Moving from being a reactive IT support business to a fully managed IT provider means we can provide more holistic and proactive IT support service to our customers.

Moving all our customers onto a monthly support package that is fully managed and predictable is beneficial for everyone.

Since putting a five-year growth strategy in place, we have clearer focus and direction and everyone is working to common goals. Also, improving our internal systems to better support our customers – it’s all about making the service better for them.

What have been some of the key challenges you have faced?

When Nicky (Quintech’s Finance Director) and I bought Quintech in 2008 it was just as we hit the global financial crisis, so working through that was a challenge! For the last couple of years, we have had to navigate the good ship Quintech through the choppy seas of the global Covid pandemic, not to mention the effects of Brexit! That said, we are coming out the other side with a strong balance sheet and we remain profitable and competitive. 

What are your short and long term goals for Quintech?

Long-term, to grow the business into a £5 million turnover company and we’re doing that by focussing on growing customers that value the IT partnership we provide.

Short-term, we aim to have migrated a large proportion of our customers to managed IT service contracts by October. And to establish well defined departmental objectives and individual plans to deliver the overall business strategy.

What does success for Quintech look like to you?

Simple! A growing company, happy customers, happy staff and profitable.

What are the key trends you see coming to the industry over the next five years and how will Quintech respond?

Cyber security is such an important area right now and it’s really starting to come to our customers’ attention, so our plan is to have more offerings to protect them. The other major area that we are focusing on is compliance. Our clients are being asked by their customers and other companies they work with, like insurance companies, to make sure their IT infrastructure is in order. It’s our responsibility to help ensure this is the case. Our new risk assessment reporting tool really helps with this and enables us to provide evidence for our customers of the issues and vulnerabilities across their network along with remedial solutions.

What do you think are the greatest challenges the IT industry is facing?

Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen how significantly the workplace has changed. The ‘modern workplace’ is constantly evolving, and more companies are embracing cloud technology. But as I mentioned before, this has to be done in a secure and safe way.

Have you got any interesting projects/initiatives you're working on?

We are actively working on moving our support ticketing system to a new provider with much better integration to our existing ERP back-end system. Soon we’ll be able to offer a customer portal with easy access to records like invoices and contracts.

What do you like to do when you're not at work?

I would love to say ‘relax’ but with a new Boxer puppy, my 60km per month running competition, and tennis, that doesn’t seem to happen much!

Before you go, what was the latest book you read?

I love to listen to audible books especially when I’m running. My favourite author is a spy thriller writer called Daniel Silva. Most of his work is set in murky world of global terrorism and the hands that play with control behind the scenes like Russia – all too relevant at the moment – maybe I need to switch authors!

And lastly, what's the most used App on your phone?

Sadly, Wordle once a day and Twitter every hour. Oh, plus LinkedIn of course!


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