5 top reasons you should choose managed IT support

February 23, 2022

Your IT infrastructure is a vital component of your business. It’s critical for the everyday running of operations and the protection of data, both yours and your customers’. Occasionally problems will arise, but many can be prevented by taking a proactive rather than reactive approach to IT management and maintenance. By focusing on long-term strategies aimed at mitigating risk and optimising systems, you can reduce costs, worry and business downtime.

Why managed IT support?

The break-fix approach – whereby every time something breaks you pay a one-off fee to have it fixed – is becoming quickly outdated. Think of it as the pay-as-you go phone where tariffs are often higher, and you have no extras, ongoing technical support, or flexibility. Nowadays businesses rely heavily on real-time communication and collaboration to increase business effectiveness and productivity. The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving as is the need for industry specific compliance. None of this can be managed effectively on an ad hoc basis like the break-fix model.

Instead, businesses are moving towards managed IT service providers. Managed IT service providers offer a long-term business relationship with the customer’s interests in mind. The focus is on providing 24/7 IT support in an optimised and secure way. Problems are blocked before they even happen, and if they do occur, they’re fixed fast. This means you can continue running your business enjoying the benefits of business continuity with the peace of mind that your systems and data are in good hands.

5 key reasons to choose managed IT support versus break-fix:

In a little more detail:

Fixed costs

With managed IT services you pay a flat rate no matter what the issue is. Regular payments make budgeting for IT easier. In contrast, with a break-fix contractor you could be charged a premium fee if a problem occurs ‘out of hours’, and the longer it takes to fix the issue the more expensive it gets. It can also be more cost effective to pay for managed IT support than employing experienced, competent in-house IT personnel.

Business continuity

As a managed IT support provider, Quintech uses tools such as Remote Monitoring and Management platforms (RMM) to continually manage and maintain clients’ IT infrastructure. This means potential problems and risks are identified before they occur, ensuring you can benefit from increased uptime. Fixes can often be carried out remotely and quickly because the provider will already have access to your systems. In contrast, waiting for a break-fix contractor to respond, identify and fix a problem can be a lengthy process resulting in business downtime, which is expensive and unproductive.

Robust security

With managed services, experts are constantly monitoring your systems for threats. Potential threats are squashed immediately and any problems which may arise are resolved before they have chance to affect your systems. Managed IT support providers will ensure your devices are kept secure, for example, with antivirus protection, automated software patch management and security reporting. They will ensure you’re running the most up-to-date systems to make you less vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals and keep you safe from exploitable holes. This is less achievable with an irregular break-fix service, which fixes problems when it’s already too late.

Data protection

Of course, both managed IT support and break-fix providers will help recover lost data should a disaster occur. But again, the difference with managed IT support providers is that they will build you a long-term backup and recovery strategy focused on preventing data loss in the first place. This includes data backup and recovery, storage and cloud security, and server management and configuration designed specifically for the needs of your business. They can also help ensure you’re compliant with the latest rules and regulations relative to your industry.

IT support in the fast-changing digital environment

Business has moved into a fast paced, digital environment with complex IT infrastructures, greater security concerns and increased demands for industry compliance. Choosing a managed service provider who can offer proactive managed IT support will help you to mitigate risk and increase business continuity and productivity. These are features that the outdated break-fix model will struggle to deliver when the focus is purely on fixing after the damage is already done.

Quintech works on a collaborative basis as a strategic partner to all our clients. We can help you build long-term strategies with bespoke solutions and support tailored to your exact needs to ensure the technology best serves your business, both now and in the future. If you’d like to discuss how our managed IT support services can optimise and protect your business, please get in touch today on info@quintech.co.uk or 01684 882700.