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In the age of Digital Transformation, every business will eventually need to reinvent themselves.  Some industries are under intense pressure to transform their business model now, while others are starting with incremental process innovations.

Codeless Platforms offers a suite of products to quickly and easily build applications and web portals, automate business processes and integrate business systems.  It’s about transforming the way people view and use business software and benefitting from solutions that are 100% aligned with existing operational processes and business objectives.

BPA PLATFORM - For SAP Business One


Codeless Platforms' BPA Platform enables you to automate processes and quickly and simply integrate SAP Business One with a wide-range of business applications and systems, whether on-premises or in the cloud, including CRM, eCommerce, EDI, EPOS, courier services, marketing applications or other bespoke applications.


BPA Platform can automate business processes unique to your organisation through an intuitive drag and drop graphical user interface. You can automate alerts and notifications through definable business rules, generate and dynamically distribute reports and documents, as well as create workflow processes, helping to improve the visibility of information, remove repetitive data entry and significantly reduce costs.

For over 200 examples of how the platform can be used click here

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Templated Integration Packages

Applications Platform


Codeless Platforms’ Applications Platform is a flexible, easy-to-use rapid application development (RAD) platform that enables you to build, manage and deploy ‘100% fit’ cloud-based applications and web portals that can extend the capabilities of SAP Business One, to deliver significant ROI and futureproof your organisation.


Using a combination of wizards and drag-and-drop technology you can create mobile-ready applications with minimal coding that are easily integrated with your existing systems. Alternatively, you can purchase ready-made applications that can add extra functionality to your business including a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, approval workflow engine, HR employee management software, product information management (PIM) system or procurement bidding software.

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Customer Portal for SAP Business One

If you are seeking a secure and scalable customer portal with the ability to customise to your requirements, this is the solution for you.

Integration can also be facilitated between the portal and SAP Business One easily, to allow the transfer of data between your systems.

Features of the Customer Portal for SAP Business One include:

  • Order placement and management

  • Statement access and online payments

  • Own company branding

  • Support for multi-currency and high load volumes

  • Access on desktop and mobile devices

  • Easily embed into company websites

  • Credit memos and deliveries

  • Read/write information and custom CSS style options

* Additional functionality is possible but would be charged accordingly, please contact us for details.

For more information download the datasheets or contact us.

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