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Cyber crime can have huge consequences and far-reaching implications for businesses. As well as the risk of huge financial loss, there is the potential for loss of customers, loss of reputation, loss of sales and also unnecessary disruption.

Quintech can help you create and manage a robust cyber security strategy tailored to your business to mitigate these risks and ensure business continuity.


From our central base, we can install, update and
proactively monitor all computer systems on
your network.

We provide the very latest cyber protection tools
suitable for different industries at different
stages of evolution and scale.

Along with our other services, Quintech tailors its
cyber security solution to your needs, providing
the IT and security essentials as seamlessly as
possible so that you’re fully covered and
reassured that you can focus on your business.

If you do have a cyber attack, we shall…

  • mobilise the incident response team

  • evaluate the situation

  • determine the cause

  • designate an Incident Commander

  • secure systems to ensure business continuity

  • conduct a thorough post-mortem investigation


Proactive management - by proactively managing
your cyber security, we can help you stay ahead
of the risks. With phishing scams and malware
becoming increasingly sophisticated, your
business needs the tools and the support to
continuously stay ahead of criminals.

Financial protection - fraudsters want one thing,
money. It can be yours, or your customers' -
whatever access to your data allows. A thorough
cyber security audit and having the right
protection and training in place will limit the risk
of fraud.

Data protection - we can ensure your networks
and data are protected from the risk of
noncompliance, compromise or theft. Using the
latest cyber security monitoring tools, we ensure
that data and intelligence relating to your
business, your employees or your customers isn’t
exposed on the Dark Web. Both noncompliance
and lack of monitoring could lead to enormous
financial risk.

Business continuity - by planning with you in
advance and giving you the right tools, we can
ensure you are best placed to avoid business
disruption caused by cyber attacks.

Secure your systems – by having the necessary
cyber security in place, your employees can
continue to work safely and effectively without
unnecessary distraction.

Reassure your customers – whoever your
customers are, they are also concerned about
their own cyber security. Have the right solutions
in place so you can prove that your business is
effectively protected and inspire them with trust
and confidence.

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Cyber Security Products

Not sure where to start? Give us a call. We'd be happy to help. 


Find sensitive data across networks and workstations and accurately assess the financial impact of a data breach. 


Protect your business with industry leading anti-spam and mail filtering for Microsoft 365, Google Apps and more.


Prevent and address cyber crime including antivirus, online content control and software firewall protection. 

Prevent the risk of compromised or stolen employee data being sold on the Dark Web.


A government backed scheme to achieve baseline protection from cyber crime for your business and those you work with. 

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