Data backup and disaster recovery

Data. It's powerful stuff. It's the grease in the wheels, the foundation for building a better future and it's critical that it stays secure - for you and for your customers. From individual file or folder recovery to a complete disaster recovery solution - we'll make sure you're data is stored safely, accessibly and responsibly, meeting all legislative requirements. 


Data backup with Redstor Backup Pro

Recover files quickly and easily with our data backup service, using Redstor Backup Pro.


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Set and forget - Quintech's Business Cloud backup service is secure and fully automated - ideal for organisations with limited in-house IT resources. 

Eliminate the risk of human error - Automate the entire backup process using Redstor Backup Pro's up-to-the-minute backup scheduling feature. 

True incremental backup - Redstor Backup Pro's patching process isolates only the changes made to a file since the previous backup and sends these changes to the storage platform. You get a true incremental backup, and bandwidth and transfer time is kept to a minimum. 

Limitless backups - From one to thousands of workstations and servers can be backed up. Even if they run different operating systems. They can be managed via a single console. 

Customisable - Use filters, and file-level inclusion and exclusion to specify data to backup, restore and ignore. 

Restore easily and flexibly - Users can restore data directly to their workstations without the need for technical support.  A single console enables backup administrators to control backup and restore process and configure all clients remotely. 

UK Data centre - All data is mirrored every 15 minutes between our Tier 3 UK Data Centres. 

Backup Manager

Stay operational in the face of a disaster with complete image-based backups of physical and virtual machines.


Complete recovery - Quintech's disaster recovery service restores your business to functioning form after an interruption by any cause: user error, natural disaster, technology failure or malware. 

Backup for your entire network - disaster recovery protects your servers, workstations, applications and data to deliver business continuity quickly and effectively.  

Fast backups and restores - Backup Manager allows you to optimise backups and reduce maintenance windows.  

Virtual disaster recovery - real time virtual backup allows for real-time recovery. Test your recovery image at any time. 

Secure storage - AES 256-bit end to end encryption at rest and in transit. Your data stays in your region and is certified to the highest standards.  

Comprehensive archiving and versioning - granular data selection for true incremental backup with multiple version storage for fully compliant, short or long term needs. 


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