Fully Managed Services (FMS)

Our ultimate IT support package - a complete, outsourced IT management solution for less than you might think.

One monthly fee for all your IT support needs. No surprises.

A true IT partnership - consider us your IT department from another postcode. 

A total solution for your devices, network, users, desktops, security and data. 

A proactive approach that gives you valuable insight into your systems, while fending off threats before they impact your business. 

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How it works

We proactively manage and support all your IT and systems, which means we don't sit back and wait for something to come up. We're busy monitoring your network so that we can work to avoid that 'something' in the first place. 

As a FMS client, you're our top priority. You'll have our support whenever you need it, however you need it. 



  • Complete network support.

  • Complete server maintenance.

  • Device and application monitoring for performance, predictive failure and trending. 

  • Advanced security services. 

  • Data backup and recovery services. 

  • Asset and warranty management and control. 

  • Move / add / change project management services. 

  • Workstation support.

  • Virtual CIO consulting and reports. 


  • Remote and onsite network support.

  • Emergency support. 

  • End-user helpdesk.

  • Priority response level.  

Our FMS plan is tailored entirely to your needs. Just as there's no one solution to fit all - there's no one price either. Give us a call today to discuss what you want out of your IT and we'll be happy to give you a quote for our support.  

What's included

Server support services

Complete support, management and maintenance of hardware and operating systems including performance monitoring. 

The extras included with this plan:

  • SQL management; hardware and parts included; hosting; patch management; warranty labour; priority response level; loan equipment included; real-time monitoring. 

Desktop, laptops and printers

Maintenance, support and monitoring of desktops, laptops (hardware and software) and printers. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) monitoring included. 

The extras included with this plan:

  • Desktop and laptop maintenance; real-time performance monitoring of desktops, laptops and printers; priority response level; warranty labour included; user support for 3rd party software and onsite, desk-side assistance; print server and queue management; peripheral device hardware and parts included. 

Network devices

Complete support, management and performance monitoring of all network devices and wifi, including remote and onsite technical support. 

The extras included with this plan:

  • Router, firewall and switch availability and performance management; wifi management; hardware and parts included; loan equipment included; priority response level.

Site administration

Complete cover, support and configuration of your site network including 24/7 network monitoring and monthly reports. 

The extras included with this plan:

  • Vendor relationship management; group policy management; proxy server setup and management; monthly network reports; priority response level.

Disaster recovery and data backup

Maintenance, support and monitoring of desktops, laptops (hardware and software) and printers. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) monitoring included. 

The extras included with this plan:

  • Data assessment and analysis; full disaster recovery (software needed); hardware and parts included; loan equipment included.

Advanced security

Full antivirus management and disinfection, security monitoring and a suite of user security measures including signature-based, rule-based and behavioural scans. 

The extras included with this plan:

  • Virus disinfection included; security performance monitoring included (AV Defender software included); email content and attachment filtering (software subscription needed); firewall; web content filtering; application control. 

Mobile devices

Comprehensive support, monitoring and management of Android and iOS mobile devices.

The extras included with this plan:

  • Management and monitoring of devices; device profiles; device locator; application control; remote device wipe; disable features; system management; Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy management. 

Virtual Chief Information Officer

A dedicated person to help with all your IT related problems - from technical issues to procurement and vendor relationships management. 

This feature is only available with this plan. 

Essential Support Services (ESS)

Our base support package - all the 'must-haves' with the option of adding on extras to get the best fit for your business needs. 

Disaster Recovery

We specialise in business continuity planning - helping our customers protect their businesses from bumps in the road, big or small.

Not sure where to start? Give us a call. We'd be happy to help. 

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