How IT problems can impact your business

April 20, 2022

IT plays a vital role in every organisation, from the smallest SMEs to large corporates and public sector bodies.

Technology dominates the economic landscape and enables enterprises to keep their staff productive and serve their customers more efficiently. Its primary function is to make it easier for businesses to do what they do best, by streamlining processes and procedures and supporting their operations.

IT is undoubtedly a force for good that boosts an organisation’s capacity and capabilities. However, when things go wrong, it can harm many different areas of the business.

Lost sales, poor performance, systems downtime and increased cyber security risk are just some of the consequences that IT problems can bring about. These can all significantly impact your brand’s reputation and bottom line.

Working with the right managed IT support provider can help address many of the issues that IT problems can cause and ensure your technology is fit for purpose, futureproof and works as it should. Here, we look at some real-world business impacts of IT problems and how choosing the right technology partner can help address them.

Service downtime

When your IT breaks down, for whatever reason, failure to resolve the problem as quickly as possible can compound the issue and have a knock-on effect on other employees and customers.

For example, if the broadband connection in one of your offices went down, the team wouldn’t be able to connect to your network, but staff in other locations, and customers, may not be able to communicate with them either.

If left unchecked for too long, this could significantly impact service provision, add pressure to workloads, and cause disruption while the issues are resolved.

Customer service

We live in a technology-driven society where consumers have come to expect instant access, 24/7, to the products and services they want.

If your systems went down because of technology failure, connectivity problems or cyber attack, this could leave your business inaccessible to customers while the issues are resolved.

Not only can this result in lost sales, but the advent of social media means customers aren’t afraid to tell the world about bad experiences, which means your reputation could take a big hit, too.

Cyber security risk

Perhaps one of the biggest consequences of poorly configured IT is the increased cyber risk.

While cyber security awareness is at an all-time high, cyber crime is still a huge problem for businesses of all sizes. In fact, many smaller organisations are easier targets because they think they are too small for hackers to bother with, so they take a more relaxed approach to protecting their systems, networks and data.

Poor IT support can put your business at higher risk. So, too, can outdated technology, software and systems, which are often more vulnerable to cyber attack because they’re not patched or updated with the latest security measures. Ensuring you have the latest software versions, robust cyber defences, and an effective cyber security policy will help you address some of these issues.

Working with the right managed IT services provider will ensure all these things are in place.

Productivity and staff morale

IT helps businesses run smoothly and efficiently when it works as it should.

Unfortunately, technology often breaks or doesn’t function as it should, and this can cause massive problems for your business. It can cause systems to slow down or stop working completely, which decreases productivity and can have a negative impact on staff morale.

When your IT doesn’t work correctly on a regular basis, it can leave staff feeling frustrated and stressed. It prevents them from doing their jobs properly, impacting service delivery and sales.

So, ensuring your IT support function – whether it’s in-house or via managed services – is well-resourced and equipped to deal with technical problems quickly when they arise is essential.

Financial impact

We’ve saved arguably the most significant issue until last. IT problems, if not addressed, can have a big impact on your organisation’s bottom line, for all the reasons listed above and more.

Disruption and downtime, poor service delivery, cyber attack, employee dissatisfaction and unavailability of services can all lead to loss of customers and sales.

Poor IT can mean projects get delayed and deadlines get missed. Constantly having to deal with IT or technology-related issues could also see your organisation miss out on valuable business opportunities because your staff are too busy focusing on IT problems.

Again, the right technology partner or managed IT services provider will help your business avoid many of the common IT problems that can slow things down and impact your operations and service delivery.

How can Quintech help?

Businesses cannot afford to overlook the consequences of inadequate IT support. From equipment breakdown caused by outdated technology or poor maintenance to malware and data breaches, IT problems can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Working with the right IT support provider will help ensure IT problems don’t slow your business down.

Quintech works collaboratively and proactively as a strategic technology partner to our clients. We provide managed IT support to help you mitigate risk, ensure business continuity and enhance productivity.

We can create a long-term strategy that futureproofs your ICT and deliver bespoke solutions and support to ensure your technology best serves your business.

To find out how we can help, and for an informal chat about our managed IT support services, give us a call on 01684 882700 or drop us a line at info@quintech.co.uk.

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