How to prepare your business for the return of home working

December 13, 2021

The Government has announced that people should work from home again where possible. This isn’t a new concept for many businesses now, however, we’d like to offer you some guidance on how you can implement the right IT infrastructure to help run your business as efficiently and effectively as possible.
1. Strengthen your defences
In the office, networks are protected against unauthorised access, malware and viruses. We can provide you with the same protection when users are working remotely:
New Next-Generation Firewalls offer security capabilities beyond the inspection of incoming and outgoing network traffic provided by a traditional firewall.
A VPN (Virtual Private Network) will secure all the web traffic flowing through to your network by encrypting it and routing it via an intermediary server.
Securely storing data is essential but on occasion things do go wrong. Invest in a backup solution for your data. Having business continuity solutions in place will minimise the risk of user downtime.
Implement managed antivirus solutions. Ensure they operate on devices inside or outside of the office, updating devices independently. An example would be Quintech’s Security Suite of products – next-generation antivirus solutions that are updated in real time using Artificial Intelligence (AI).
2. Make communication easy
Professional videoconferencing solutions, like Microsoft Teams, offer the next best thing to face-to-face meetings. Teams provides a shared workspace allowing you to work from anywhere, chat with your team, and collaborate on files.
Maybe it’s time to ditch the outdated telephone systems. Teams Voice provides dial-in audio conferencing for up to 250 people. You can call from anywhere, on any device through the Microsoft Teams app on desktop, mobile, web, and desk phones.
3. Improve performance
You’ll improve efficiency of your team by ensuring they are as suitably equipped as they would be in the office. It may be time to upgrade to new laptops, invest in second monitors, or simply a more professional webcam. Avoid any supply issues by taking a review now of user’s equipment.
Transitioning to an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) server will create a more productive remote environment by allowing multiple connections from any location. RDP makes applications more easily accessible for users from multiple devices and provides quicker access to files. And because it’s backed up to the cloud it provides ultimate security.
4. Improve speed and efficiency online
With more people using the internet at home there will be increased pressure on bandwidth. Consider the option of a leased line – a dedicated connection between your house and the local exchange, which is not shared by anyone else. Unlike broadband or fibre, leased lines have fixed bandwidth, which doesn’t fluctuate at peak times. It’s cheaper than you think. Another option is to install a second broadband connection to guarantee speed. Ask us for more details. 
If you’d like to discuss any of the options above please give us a call on 01684 882700 or email and we’ll be happy to help.