Improve collaboration and efficiency with secure business documentation

September 10, 2021

When crucial information within your business’s IT network is managed in a secure and structured manner, you can boost efficiency and mitigate numerous security vulnerabilities.

In order to do this, your IT processes must be optimised for performance, reliability and effectiveness. And to achieve this requires comprehensive and transparent business documentation.

Looking at your own business, do you have a secure, centralised location for storing important business documentation?

Or do you and your colleagues constantly find yourselves wasting time scouring the network for information? Things such as:

  • Disaster recovery plans
  • Insurance policies
  • Alarm information and passwords
  • Public liability documents
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Business process documents e.g. ISO
  • HR Information e.g. contact details, staff handbooks, training manuals
  • Emergency supplier and contact details
  • Security policies
  • Important signed contracts
  • Passwords
  • E-Policies
  • Procedural documentation

Challenges and risks

Aside from the frustration of being unable to locate what you need when you need it, there are additional negative effects of poor documentation management:

Potential security breaches – When crucial data such as user credentials from your network are stored and managed in a haphazard manner, you open the door for both physical and digital security breaches.

Productivity and collaboration issues – Poor documentation practices can delay major processes and projects, and even make employee collaboration difficult – especially for remote workers.

Issues with accessibility – Accessibility of data takes a significant hit in the absence of structured IT documentation. The challenge is further amplified for a remote workforce.

Compliance issues – Regulators need businesses to store and secure sensitive data in a manner specified by the law. Non-compliance could lead to anything from legal complications to financial setbacks.

Loss of reputation – Improper password and documentation management can eventually damage your business reputation among clients and other key stakeholders. Your reputation is too valuable to be thrown away so easily.

A smart and simple solution

You can easily ward off setbacks like these by implementing a system like MyGlue.

Designed for small-medium sized businesses, MyGlue is a simple password and process management platform that offers an easy-to-use hub for storing business information.

The data is stored centrally and accessible via any device. Logically organised, the information stored in MyGlue is easy to find through a powerful search tool, and it is completely secure.

Benefits of secure network documentation

By implementing a solution like MyGlue, you can expect:


Relatable data and structured documentation

You can achieve consistent and organised documentation in a standardised format, with relationship links between important connected information, documents and passwords.


Stronger security posture

By implementing a secure password management system, you can reduce the security risks and cyber threats that arise from sloppy, dangerous password habits. Gaining control of end-user password criteria also reduces password ‘friction’, which not only impacts productivity and efficiency but also creates a stressful working environment for employees.


Empowered self-service options

Sharing critical information with co-workers over email becomes a thing of the past. Internal IT departments can securely and easily manage their passwords and solve simple issues using read-only standard operating procedures (SOPs).


Enhanced collaboration

Your internal IT team will be able to easily create, access and share files, passwords and other IT/network documentation with the right colleagues.


Better efficiency

Simple, transparent, standardized IT processes and configuration can reduce daily workloads and help-desk tickets. With immediate implementation, syncing of passwords takes just a few minutes. Employees could save 5-10% of their time, or around two to four hours in a 40-hour week.

MyGlue is easy to use and quick to roll out. If you would like to know more, and/or to receive a complimentary trial, please get in touch by emailing or calling 01684 882700.