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At Quintech we believe that IT needs to work for people, not the other way around! For that reason, all our experienced and highly skilled team are passionate about helping our clients achieve their business goals. We don’t just aim to fulfil the ask, we seek to proactively understand and provide solutions to deliver the best results.

We’ve been doing that for 30 years – and some of our team were even with us on the very first day!

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Nicky, Finance Director of Quintech


Andy, Technical Director of Quntech

Andy R

Lee, Operations Director of Quintech


Pete, Commercial Manager at Quintech


Ian, Sales Manager at Quintech


Jo, Application Software Specialist at Quintech




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David, Field Service Engineer at Quintech


Cindy, Credit Controller and Receptionist at Quintech


Josh, Installation Engineer at Quintech


Mike, Sales Account Manager at Quintech


Mitch, Support Technician at Quintech



Paul, Technical Support Technician at Quintech


Will, Support Technician at Quintech


Jordan, Junior IT Technician at Quintec


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Dominic Beck Johnson

Job Title: Managing Director

Alternative Job Title:  Buck Stopper


What do you do around here?

Try and guide the good ship Quintech in the right direction over the stormy IT seas - constantly lining up ducks and generally firefighting the unexpected. 

Describe Quintech in one word: Customer-focused (If I can't bend the rules, who can?)

Dominic gave great thorough answers to all the questions I had. Happy to deal with again.


Job Title: Finance Director

Alternative Job Title:  The Money Master


What do you do around here? I keep Quintech in the black, mostly by asking questions such as, 'do we really need that?', 'is that fully costed?' and 'how much!?!' When I'm not poking a pin in some of our more outlandish plans, I can usually be found encouraging them. 

Describe Quintech in one word: Family

Nicky saved me again - thanks!

Nicky Davies

Andy Rimell

Job Title: Technical Director

Alternative Job Title:  Coffee Machine Technician


What do you do around here?

I do all the really important jobs: turn on the lights (mainly so I don't trip over), fix the coffee machine, fix the dishwasher, make tea (and coffee, obviously) and then there's the day job - all the technical stuff. 

Describe Quintech in one word: Partners

Andy was incredibly helpful and knew exactly how to fix my issue, I stepped out of the office for 5 minutes and by the time I had returned Andy had already fixed it.

Job Title: Operations Director

Alternative Job Title:  The Caretaker


What do you do around here?

Anything and everything it takes to see this place running smoothly!

Describe Quintech in one word: Professional

Absolutely brilliant support from Lee (again) at a critical time.

Lee Etheridge


Pete Grayer

Job Title: Commercial Manager

Alternative Job Title:  Director of Better


What do you do around here?

I'm a SAP B1 Project Co-ordinator, I manage the office and fleet, I'm the HR and recruitment guy and a member of the Senior Management Team. No-one really knows what I do day-by-day, but it's vital to the smooth running of Quintech. 

Describe Quintech in one word: Team


Job Title: Sales Manager

Alternative Job Title:  Mastermind of Mischief


What do you do around here?

Cause mayhem and disruption but find a solution to anything. 

Describe Quintech in one word: Peerless

Ian Dally


Job Title: Application Software Specialist

Alternative Job Title:  ERP  Guru

What do you do around here?

I spend a lot of my day talking - helping clients, supporting them and occasionally just chatting - we like to get to know people here. I make sure that our customer questions get answered quickly and that our clients are fully trained to get the most out of their ERP system. The rest of the time, I spend guarding the air -con - I hate the cold!

Describe Quintech in one word: Friendly

Very happy with the service I received from Jo. She was calm, helpful and composed, explained everything very clearly and helped me resolve the issue so 10/10!

Jo Smith


Job Title: Field Service Engineer

Alternative Job Title:  Hardware Guru / Master of the Hammer


What do you do around here?

I'm the fixer: if you have a broken laptop, a troublesome printer, or you want a new server - it's likely I'll come knocking to fix it, install it, talk you through it  - whatever is needed. 

Describe Quintech in one word: Technical

David Brooke


Cindy Andre

Job Title: Credit Controller & Receptionist

Alternative Job Title:  The Chaser


What do you do around here?

I  spend a lot of time chasing anything needed to keep things moving - signatures, payments - that sort of thing. It's likely to be me that greets you when you visit, or answers the phone when you call. You're in good hands - I hold the keys to the biscuit cupboard after all!

Describe Quintech in one word: Happy


Job Title: Installations Engineer

Alternative Job Title: Thankfully, still too new to get one of these!


What do you do around here? 

If you buy something with us you will see me delivering it and getting it ready for you to click and go, also I’m not too afraid to turn something off and on again.

Describe Quintech in one word: Supportive

Josh Peck


Mike Philpott

Job Title: Sales Account Manager

Alternative Job Title:  Sales Monkey


What do you do around here?

Sell, sell, sell! Occasionally stopping to point and wink at people. At least, that's what people here would say I do. I'd like it on record that I spend most of my time getting to know our customers. I will admit to eating all the food around here, though.

Describe Quintech in one word: Supportive


Job Title: Support Technician

Alternative Job Title:  Lord of the Phone Rings


What do you do around here?

I spend my time making coffee and hot chocolate, as well as dealing with any technical queries that come in via email and by phone. When not on the phone, I'm monitoring the systems for any alerts that may occur and need resolving promptly. I don't always try to keep my hair in one piece... promise! 

Describe Quintech in one word: Friendly

Mitch was a great help and ensured that a solution was found and worked.

Mitch Dallimore


Paul Harrington

Job Title: Technical Support Technician


Alternative Job Title:  Unofficial Monster Energy Sponsor 


What do you do around here?

The majority of my time is spent in the Office, 36.5 hours a week as I Excel with the Microsoft Power. Point being that there's always Access to my knowledge. The Word on the street is that my Outlook on things is One to be Noted - usually SharePoint. I like to bash in Powershell scripts to make things easier. I know something of everything but not everything of something.

Describe Quintech in one word: Awesome

Paul was excellent and very helpful! Saved me a big headache for the day.


Job Title: Support Technician

Alternative Job Title: 'Tech'ers (read: Tekkers)


What do you do around here?

I look after our Remote Monitoring and Management tool, N-central, to help keep your IT systems neat and tidy. Plus I like to get my hands dirty setting up servers in the workshop!

Describe Quintech in one word: Extended-family (hyphenation makes it one word!)

William Gravell


Job Title: Junior IT Technician

Alternative Job Title: The one who really knows what's what around here


What do you do around here?

I set up the PCs and laptops and practise my best sponge impression - I want to absorb everything!

Describe Quintech in one word: Collaborative

Jordan Norton

Jim Smith

Job Title: Senior Technician

Alternative Job Title: Many and varied, most not publishable!


What do you do around here?

Fix stuff.  Break stuff.  Then fix some more stuff.

Describe Quintech in one word: Partners

As always very pleased with the help received from Jim.


Job Title: Support and Installations Engineer

Alternative Job Title: The Firewall Fettler


What do you do around here?

Mostly new installations along with some support tickets.

Describe Quintech in one word: Technical

Nick Carroll


Eloise Smith

Job Title: Support Desk Manager

Alternative Job Title: The One Who Asks Lots of Questions


What do you do around here?

As I'm pretty new, I'm still learning all things Quintech. Aside from that, you'll find me helping with support tickets via email and telephone, so when you hear that unfamiliar voice on the phone - that's me!

Describe Quintech in one word: Customer-focused

Eloise is totally brilliant, she solves any difficulty or problem effortlessly - thank you.


Job Title: SAP Business One Support Consultant

Alternative Job Title: The Newbie


What do you do around here?

As the new one around I’m learning all the ropes. Otherwise, you’ll find me picking up tickets supporting our SAP Business One customers and users with any issues they have.

Describe Quintech in one word: Supportive

As always I find Quintech extremely helpful and thoroughly professional in all they do for me.

Matt Wichmann



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