Microsoft SQL Server 2012 End of Support explained

June 22, 2022

Microsoft SQL Server 2012 will end support on 12th July 2022. This article explains what that means and how your organisation can prepare for it. 

What does End of Support mean?

Also known as “End of Life”, this is the date Microsoft has given to end support for a particular product or solution. This can pose unnecessary risks for your business if you do not choose to upgrade to the latest version, or alternative solution, available. These risks include:


When SQL Server 2012 reaches End of Support it will no longer receive security updates or patching from Microsoft. This means your company data will be exposed to an increased level of cyber threat and it is unlikely measures such as firewalls or anti-virus software will provide the level of protection required. If you don’t receive updates or customer support, this may result in your business being unable to resolve critical errors in a timely and affordable manner yourselves.


Security comes hand in hand with compliance and when a business is exposed to increased security risks, they are also in danger of becoming non-compliant. Today, there is an ever-increasing requirement for businesses to conform to industry regulations and standards to avoid legal and financial implications, not to mention the negative effects on brand reputation and customer relationships.

Financial costs

Maintaining unsupported platforms is often expensive and Microsoft discourages this approach by charging customers high premiums for extensions. These can be up to 75% of the licence cost! Issues with technology that has lapsed its end of support are often costly and time consuming to resolve.


Just as businesses should maintain their software assets to the latest version, they should also modernise the underlying data platform to reduce the chances of compatibility issues between systems. Compatibility issues can lead to business downtime, reduced productivity/efficiency, and frustrated users!

Will my SQL Server 2012 stop working on 12th July 2022?

No, but as explained above, the lack of support and security updates provided will stop, which could have significant negative effects on the business and its operations.

What should I do next?

Quintech can advise on the most suitable way to move forward. Please get in touch on 01684 887200 or info@quintech.co.uk and we will talk you through the options that best meet the needs of your business.