Sage 200 Roadmap (Summer 2017)

Updated: Mar 13, 2019


There is a new standalone invoicing module to enable customers to raise invoices without having to go through a Sales Order process first.

Nominal analysis

Sage has added new analysis codes to allow you to customise to suit your needs. You now have the ability to store analysis codes on each nominal record to allow greater depth of analysis.

Web based purchase requisition

Efficient, accurate purchase requisition entry via a supported browser, regardless of location. You can raise a request for a stock item or a free text item and route it through for approval which once approved is processed through to a Purchase Order.

Hiding sales/purchase accounts

Don't waste time wading through Sales and Purchase ledger accounts that are no longer used! This feature allows you to more effectively report and analyse data without having to include trader accounts that you no longer trade with.

Enhanced SOP status

Get better analysis with the extended status of sales orders - you can report the exact state of the sales order to cover Allocations, Dispatches and Invoiced status.

Fast effective data entry

Rapid data entry for multiple lines in a grid format for purchase invoices so you can be faster day to day. Corrections made easier You can now easily correct user errors on trader accounts.

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