Exciting Office 365 & Outlook Updates!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

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As we all know, Microsoft are arguably the Kingpin in the computing world and is at the forefront of developing new and exciting software's & technologies - one of the most groundbreaking of recent times has been the switch from traditional MS Office packages to the all encompassing Office 365 allowing for greater affordability and growth due to it's subscription based model. Microsoft are continually innovating and developing their Office 365 offering to streamline it and make it as versatile and impressive as possible!

Office 365 Security Updates

  • Improved email archiving policies to store data and make sure it is suitably stored and backed up to avoid loss/leak of data.

  • Improved data loss prevention policies which make it easier to identify, monitor and protect confidential or sensitive information such as bank details

  • Attachment scanning that grows, learns and develops as you use it which aims to detect and destroy potentially harmful or dangerous messages

  • Improved Phishing detection of links which if/when detected websites will be blocked

  • Improved account protection that blocks a potentially infected machine/account from interacting with others and spreading malware or viruses.

Not only have Microsoft introduced a whole host of improvements across Office 365, they are bringing in a variety of new features for Outlook! Now if like myself and the rest of the team at Quintech, we use Outlook nearly every minute of every day so any new ideas are always a welcome addition!

Exciting New Outlook Features

  • Better meeting management - It's always been simple managing meetings through Outlook but seeing who is actually attending has been a different beast altogether. Outlook will now have a "Tracking" button which will show all of the invited attendees and their responses. This available for the meeting organiser as well as the attendees so you will know ahead of time who will be there so you can prepare accordingly!

  • Time-zone management - If you are hosting web meetings via Skype or Teams or if you have offices/colleagues in different time-zones, you are now able to have different time-zone labels in your calendar which will make it easier than ever to organise meetings with people in different time-zones as you'll see the times side by side making it seamless!

  • Improved BCC management - If you receive an email that you're blind copied in to that means the recipients are not meant to know that you've been copied in. If you were to accidentally press "reply all" the game is up and everyone will know you were copied in. However, you will now get an alert before you respond to avoid any potential embarrassment!

  • Bill-payment reminders - This is now available for Outlook.com and builds on the notifications you can configure already such as travel reservations, delivery notifications which all automatically add reminders in your Outlook calendar. You are now able to do this with Bills - Outlook will identify them in your inbox, show a summary and then add a calendar event on the due date - meaning you'll never miss a payment again!

We here at Quintech are incredibly excited about the new developments within 365 and within Outlook in particular and it is just building on the already brilliant offering that is Office 365. Personally, I don't know how I ever coped without it - being able to access Office from any device has been a revelation and I won't look back! If you are interested in learning more about Office 365 and how it could benefit your business then get in touch with me today!

Mike Philpott - Sales Account Manager @ Quintech Computer Systems

01684 882774 / mike.philpott@quintech.co.uk

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