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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

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Aruba The world of Wi-Fi can be somewhat confusing when it comes to business. "My router doesn't have very good range" "How do I get Wi-Fi signal outdoors?" These are questions we are faced on a regular basis and we have a solution that solves these problems! Aruba is a Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (HPE) and we have Aruba trained technical engineers and sales staff that are able to guide you through the extensive Aruba product range!

Indoor Wireless Access Points - Medium to Large Offices/Sites

Aruba mid-large indoor wireless access point

Aruba wireless access points deliver superb Wi-Fi performance – they are able to be completely managed - giving you complete visibility over bandwidth and traffic through the access point. Aruba wireless access points are wall or ceiling mountable for convenience and provide a powerful wireless output using multi-directional antennas to give maximum coverage.

With the Aruba AP range, it is possible to have a cluster of Wireless Access Points all working within one network. This allows for seamless movement across an entire site without signal dropping out. As soon as you are out of range of one access point, the closest access point will pick up and continue your wireless connectivity.

In addition to these features, we are also able to monitor, support and customise the Aruba AP's through software. Creating blacklists/whitelists for internet traffic. Blocking certain devices from having access to the network. Creating multiple SSID's so you are able to have separate wireless networks (Private and Guest networks for example) and much more - the scope for growth with Aruba AP's is huge.

Indoor Wireless Access Points - Homes/Small Offices

Aruba small indoor wireless access point

Aruba have also brought out an entry level access point designed to give high level Aruba performance, but on a much smaller scale and for a lower cost - aimed at home office and small office users. The OC20 functions in much the same way that the Aruba Instant AP's do, but have less power and output capabilities as well as being a more "un-managed" solution to Wireless, they are not able to be monitored and customised as in depth as the Instant AP range. The OC20 is a fantastic option for smaller networks or for home users wanting a more efficient wireless option.

Outdoor Wireless Access Points

Aruba have also developed a range of ruggedised wireless access points for a more industrious environment such as warehouses and outbuildings where a weather resistant or more rugged access point is required. These access points are also ideal for when a network is required for an outdoor area such as a courtyard or a breakout area for staff. These AP's have the same capability as the Instant AP's mentioned above and can be monitored and customised depending on requirements!

If your Wi-Fi is feeling a bit sluggish or if you are interested in learning more about the Aruba product range then get in touch with me today! or 01684 882774

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