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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

On Thursday 13th September Tech Data will be hosting Tech Data Live at Mercedes Benz World in Weybridge which is shaping up to be a fantastic event! Our sales team will be heading down there to learn about the new and exciting innovations within the IT industry that will benefit our customers.

HP - Winning With HP Workstations

Customers that use drawing or image based software such as CAD or Photoshop often require higher specification machines and HP Workstations are at the forefront of this type of requirement. HP have brought out a new range of "Mini Workstations" of which HP will be discussing which can significantly reduce the amount of space required for a high powered PC whilst still delivering the same results - something of which our team are incredibly excited to learn more about and pass on the benefits of this new product range to our customers.

HPE - Enabling The Smart Digital Workplace

We have been championing HPE Aruba for a long while - and it will be interesting to see where HPE will go next. With Aruba continuing to prove itself as a class leader in wireless technologies and more and more of our customers reaping the benefits of this fantastic product, we will be listening in to see how we can develop and build on the existing brilliance of Aruba and get the best wireless performance for our customers.

Microsoft - Azure

Azure is one of the most stable and secure cloud based platforms in the world and is the beneficiary of vast amounts of money, research and support being put into the system on a daily basis. With our current backup software and our backup management which is part of our essentials/fully managed support packages ( we have the ability to spin up complete servers in the Microsoft Azure platform, allowing for complete disaster recovery and business continuity even in the worst of situations - our customers would be able to work from a coffee shop if their offices burned down with the help of Microsoft Azure. It will be good to learn more about how Azure continues to develop and what other benefits we could pass on to our customers.

These are just a few of the sessions we will be attending which will all be in the quest of helping our customers and optimising their systems. Also, confirmed to be exhibiting are: Apple, Toshiba, Acer, ASUS, APC, Logitech, Philips and many others! We are looking forward to what should be an insightful event and will follow up with any new and exciting product innovations we discover at the event - so keep an eye on our website for updates!

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