Tech Data Live Recap!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Mercedes Benz World played host to Tech Data Live on 13th September bringing together some of the biggest names in Technology such as: HP, HPE, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and many more. It was an insightful event that brought to the forefront all of the new developments within IT hardware, software and security. Here are a few of the highlights from the day!

HP Workstations - Not just for Graphic Design

Gone are the days where a Workstation was seen as something only used by Graphic Designers or those using CAD based software's. There has been a huge increase in "Power Users" - those that need to run multiple applications at once such as solicitors, accountants and administrators. When having numerous spreadsheets open at any one time is a necessity, this is where a workstation can come in.

No longer are workstations big and bulky machines, there are now a range of more portable and smaller workstations that can fit into any working lifestyle. Whether these still be a desktop workstation but in a smaller form factor that makes in more in fitting with a modern working desk. These machines may be smaller in size, but still deliver the same power and performance you can expect from a more traditional sized machine.

Tech as a Service

Something that was a hot topic at TD Live was TaaS (Tech as a Service). This is an all encompassing package for new technology that is subscription based as opposed to buying it outright. Much like the way that Office has moved to a subscription basis, allowing customers to always have the latest versions. With TaaS, there will likely be an equipment refresh every set number of years that will mean you are not lumbered with an old machine!

This is not only for PC's & Laptops, but also for Servers. TaaS is on Quintech's roadmap moving forward as something to explore for our customers as it is still in it's infancy as a service so we will keep our customers updated as and when we make progress with this.

We also had the chance to talk to the teams at Lenovo, HP, HPE, Dell, ViewSonic and Panasonic about their upcoming innovations and products and there are some exciting developments on the horizon that will benefit customers moving forward with some forward thinking innovation! We will update you as soon as we know more on these products and they are released in the market.

Overall, Tech Data Live was a fantastic day, very well organised with some brilliant talks and vendors there. Thank you Tech Data and see you next year.

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