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Updated: Mar 13, 2019

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We are excited to announce the launch of our latest product - MyGlue!

What is MyGlue?

MyGlue is a sister product to IT Glue which Quintech are using in house already to manage our customers' passwords, documents and policies. IT Glue is a secure, GDPR compliant platform for Quintech to manage customer records and sensitive information. With the necessity for GDPR compliance and with the continuous rise of cyber crime, IT Glue is a fantastic product in today's workplace. IT Glue has allowed Quintech to streamline and improve our service for our customers as their data is stored centrally in one location and is much more secure - offering a stronger peace of mind.

But... isn't this a product for Quintech?

IT Glue is the product that Quintech use, yes. However, MyGlue is a tailored solution based on the details that Quintech have and allow customers to manage their own details through the secure and effective platform. You can manage your all staff passwords from one place - consider it a "one stop shop for everything password related". You can store, create and maintain passwords all from a central dashboard within MyGlue. Not only passwords, but clients are able to store documents within MyGlue that may need restricted access or extra protection. For example - HR documents, internal policy documents and even your insurance documents!. As well as document storing, you can also create checklists for others in the business to view. For example: Disaster recovery procedures, locking up procedures and daily routine checklists.

Within MyGlue, you also have the ability to add customer contacts so that you can have access to your contacts from within MyGlue at all times in one centralised location. In addition to all of this, MyGlue is Cloud Based, meaning no physical hardware is required for this and it is backed up automatically!

Does everyone have the same access? Do I have to be at a PC to use it?

No and no! Every member of staff can have their own logon for MyGlue and can add/edit details as is necessary. However, not every member of staff will have the same access or rights. For example, the Managing Director will have access to all passwords and documentation, but the receptionist may have limited access to documentation and no access to any of the passwords - how you decide to allow access is completely your decision!

In addition to MyGlue being completely customisable in terms of permissions, there is also a mobile application which is available on Android and iOS which comes with secure Touch ID, Face ID and fingerprint authentication for that extra level of security!

We are offering a 30 day free trial of MyGlue to all of our customers to see it for yourself!

To take advantage of this fantastic new product and centralise and secure your passwords and important company data, get in touch with me today on 01684 882774 or email me at mike.philpott@quintech.co.uk

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