5 Minutes With Eloise Smith

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Tell us a bit about your background and how you got into IT.

At school I enjoyed IT and gelled with the subject. It seemed like a stable career path to follow. So, when I left school, it was Forensic Computing that I initially studied at the University of Gloucestershire. However, for various reasons, in my second year I switched to General IT. It was a move which seemed to open broader aspects career-wise.

When I was at Uni, I did a placement year at Worcester Bosch working as an IT Support intern. This was where I realised I enjoyed the support side of IT and wanted to pursue it as a career.

Did you join Quintech fresh from graduation? No, my first job after university was at a telecoms and IT solutions business, a similar size to Quintech, working in IT Support. From there I moved to a much bigger company, again in IT Support.

When I saw the opening at Quintech, it felt like the right fit and a step up from what I was already doing. I joined the company in 2019 as Technical Support Team Leader to oversee the handling of customers’ technical support queries. I also report into the management team with the customer service stats and write procedures for clients.

Tell us a bit more about your role now, what you bring to it, what drives you…?

I think the biggest thing I bring to my role is the way I communicate with customers. Well, at least I think I’m quite good at speaking to people! I don’t like it when someone is speaking a load of technical rubbish at me. You lose interest and can be made to feel like you’re being patronised because you don’t understand what that person is talking about. It’s important to talk things through in a way people can understand and relate to.

I really appreciate seeing good customer feedback – it makes me feel like I and the team are doing a good job. It’s particularly satisfying when I’m given a tricky support request. Some can be a bit of a struggle! But it’s great when people realise you can’t always just simply “fix” things. It takes a bit of work from both sides and I really appreciate it when a customer realises that and helps you.

Making a bond with customers is important to me. I think people like working with Quintech because they pick up the phone and they speak to someone here. It feels a lot more personal than working with a much larger organisation where you get put through loads of different departments first.

Rumour has it you were recently the winner of the company “Well done” award for the most impressive customer satisfaction ratings?

Ha! Yes! I just like speaking with people, getting involved and helping them sort stuff out….

A couple of years on from when you joined, what’s changed?

We’re seeing lots more people working in the Cloud, so we’ve developed our Microsoft 365 offering. That’s the area that I most enjoy working with. Working remotely, people have had to adapt and use applications like

Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive. It’s been interesting to help people realise the benefits of using 365.

Customers must have depended on you a great deal during lockdown, how has that been?

Yes! For the first month of that initial lockdown, we had to work really hard and I felt very proud of Quintech because I think we delivered some really good support in a time where people were panicking about how they were going to work from home.

For us, as a team, we didn’t find adapting to homeworking a challenge because we’ve always been really good at communicating anyway. If anything, it’s only improved the way we work and made us even more collaborative. For instance, using Microsoft Teams; every day the support team and I speak to each other and bounce ideas around. Communication has remained consistent throughout.

Before you leave, just for fun, what’s your favourite quote?

Well, I’ve got a couple, both from the best comedy show ever – Friends. The first one is “pivot!”. It’s the part when Ross is trying to direct Rachel so they can move his sofa up the stairs to his apartment. It never gets old and makes me laugh every time. And it shows how in a work situation you have to keep changing and adapting to situations - this has been really important in the last year. And secondly “they don’t know that we know they know we know.” This is when Monica and Chandler don’t know that Phoebe and Rachel know they are in a relationship. It’s a good message that says we shouldn’t try to make things too complicated and confusing. Just keep communication simple.

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