Colonies Sprouting Allows

If I said to you “colonies sprouting allows”, you wouldn’t automatically think of Quintech, would you? Three words which mean little on their own but could mainstream the global standard for communicating precise location.

what3words is a company which was founded five years ago and their app has now started to go viral. The app is based on a co-ordinates system which divides the world into 57 trillion three-metre squares. Each square has a unique three word code, hence what3words.

The founders came up with the idea after being involved in organising live music events around the world. The struggle started by constantly being given poor addresses every day. In their words, people got lost trying to find the events. Lost time equals lost revenue.

The system has been hailed by the emergency services who have picked up on its ability to potentially save lives. Hikers lost on hilltops in the dark could provide their three word code and be found in minutes. Billions of people around the world don’t have an address, and in those countries which lack postcodes, the app could be used for mailing, deliveries and emergency services.

Due to its success, the app is now available in 35 languages. Mongolia has become the first pioneer adopting what3words in its postal services. Several car manufacturers have also picked up on the idea and are looking to use what3words to pinpoint destination locations. What3words has the ability to share location so anyone can provide an exact meeting, drop off point or parking space. At Quintech, it could help us when visiting clients to deliver on-site support, especially at larger sites where it’s not straightforward finding reception or a certain user. You can voice input your what3words location for even faster navigation.

As the technology grows, you could well see your E-commerce systems include what3words as part of the delivery address for orders. In fact, Quintech have many clients who process internet orders and deliveries daily via SAP who would benefit greatly. The statistic what3words use is that 34% of consumers believe the retailer is at fault when a delivery fails. Deliveries arriving precisely and on time can only promote happy customers.

what3words is integrated via plugins, widgets or API’s (application programming interface). what3words is integrated into the checkout page. You can also access the what3words API functionality easily within Microsoft Excel. This will allow you to:

  • Convert a 3 word address to coordinates

  • Convert coordinates to 3 word addresses

  • Change the language of a 3 word address

  • Get AutoSuggest results

  • Find nearby 3 word addresses

The BBC recently published an article saying it’s, “The app that can save your life”.

It’s an interesting concept and one which could certainly enter our every-day lives.

So the next time you visit Quintech, please look for parking space "buckling.pacemaker.dwelled”. It might save you some time!

You can download the what3words app from their website

If your business deals with internet orders and deliveries all day every day via SAP and you'd like to understand how what3words could integrate with your systems to enhance your operations, please get in touch with Quintech.