Five Reasons SMEs Should Be Cyber Essentials Accredited

Updated: 7 days ago

Despite a rapid increase in cyber crime, research shows that a large percentage of SMEs remain at risk of a data breach. This can be due to lack of awareness or simply lack of action. This is worrying considering the damaging consequences associated with cyber attacks.

SMEs are not less likely to be the targets of cyber crime. Often hackers are not looking for large, high-profile organisations but instead look to exploit poorly protected targets.

The UK Government backed scheme, Cyber Essentials, helps protect businesses and their customers from cyber crime. It provides simple and effective guidelines designed to encourage organisations to adopt best practice cyber security measures. Companies who gain the Cyber Essentials Accreditation enjoy multiple benefits.

This infographic highlights the top five reasons your business should become Cyber Essentials accredited.

This infographic explains five benefits of gaining the Cyber Essentials Accreditation.
Five reasons SMEs should be Cyber Essentials Accredited

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