WhatsApp Gold is doing the rounds again

Following reports from several users, it appears a hoax message which tricks victims into downloading a virus is circulating on WhatsApp again.

The “WhatsApp Gold” scam message first emerged in 2016. Since then, there have been different variations of the message with some users reporting 'exclusive invitations' to install a 'limited edition' version of the app.

The enhanced version claims to offer features which include the ability to have video chats, send 100 pictures at once, and delete messages after they have been sent.

The message invites users to click a link to download the upgrade. This then directs them to a website where malicious software will install a virus on their phone.

What to do if you receive the scam message

If you receive the message, it is advised that you do not click the link to sign up to for the fake upgrade. Be sure to delete the message from your phone. Do not forward the message on to anyone else.

Only one version of WhatsApp exists and updates are usually done automatically through the app itself.