Suppliers' Guide

How to get paid by Quintech Computer Systems Ltd


This guide provides information to suppliers and contractors which are providing goods and services to Quintech. It details the steps they need to take to ensure that they are paid for these goods and services promptly.


Prompt Payment Code

Quintech is a proud signatory to the The Prompt Payment Code. The Prompt Payment Code (PPC) sets standards for payment practices and best practice and is administered by the Small Business Commissioner on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The Code covers prompt payment, as well as wider payment procedures. More information about the The Prompt Payment Code is available on their website.


Purchase Orders

It is Quintech’s policy that all procurement of goods and services must be confirmed with a purchase order. There are only a few authorised exemptions to this policy.

Purchase Orders are issued electronically unless the order is raised via an online website, where our PO number will be entered. Therefore, suppliers are required to provide a valid email address before orders can be raised.

The purchase order number must be quoted on all supplier invoices. Failure to do this will result in rejection of the invoice and suppliers will be notified accordingly.


Receipt of Invoices and Statements

Suppliers are encouraged to send invoices electronically, as attachments, to:

Email: purchase.ledger@quintech.co.uk 

In addition, suppliers are encouraged to send monthly statements.  These should also be sent to:

Email: purchase.ledger@quintech.co.uk 

​Suppliers are discouraged from posting invoices and statements, but in the situation where this is the only option they can be sent to:

Quintech Computer Systems Ltd
Accounts Department
Green Lane Business Park
JP House
Green Lane
GL20 8SJ


Authorisation of Invoices

Invoices should be marked with a unique invoice number and include company number and/or VAT registration number as required.

The invoice should clearly set out the nature of goods or services supplied and include Quintech’s purchase order number. Quintech reserve the right to return invoices that do not display a current valid purchase order number.

The invoice should be dated (tax point) and the value should be broken down to show the net and VAT values when VAT is charged on the invoice.


Payment Terms

Quintech’s standard payment terms are 30 days, prior to a licence renewal where applicable, or according to suppliers own payment terms. Invoices for licenced software and bespoke development work will be paid upon confirmation from the customer that all specified and agreed requirements are complete. Shorter periods are possible where provided by contract terms or mutual agreement. It is not possible to raise an immediate payment on receipt of an invoice due to internal checking and payment processing procedures.


Disputed Invoices

If an invoice is disputed, it is the responsibility of Quintech to contact the supplier and agree a resolution. Disputed invoices/credit notes will not be settled until the dispute is resolved.


Payment of Invoices

Quintech’s policy is to make all payments to suppliers by BAC’s transfer. Cheque payments will only be made in very exceptional circumstances and cash payments will never be made.

BAC’s payments are made weekly for invoices due.


Contact Details

Queries concerning an order, the goods or services supplied should be addressed to the staff member at Quintech who raised the order. Their contact details will be displayed on the purchase order.

Queries concerning the payment of an invoice should be addressed to:

Email: purchase.ledger@quintech.co.uk 
Tel:      01684 882700 – Accounts Department