The benefits of outsourcing your IT support

February 9, 2022

Digital technology plays a central role in most organisations, from the smallest SMEs to large corporates and public sector bodies.

Whatever your size, sector or specialism, the way you manage your IT will go a long way to determining how efficient and effective your operations are.

However, maintaining an internal IT support team can be expensive and complex, particularly in fast-growing businesses. That’s why many companies choose to outsource their IT support to an external technology partner.

But what does an outsourced IT support provider do?

What are the benefits?

And why should you choose to hire an outsourced IT support department?

Read on to find out more.

What is managed IT support?

Every business or organisation needs someone to manage their IT properly, whether that’s an in-house team, an outsourced managed IT support provider or, in some cases, a mix of the two.

When it comes to technology, there are many things to take care of, from users, devices and phones to data, networks and security.

Managed IT support is there to help keep the many moving parts that make up your IT provision running smoothly. In a nutshell, if your business relies on digital technology, then it’s essential you have reliable IT support in place to help you get the most from it.

That’s where outsourced managed IT support comes into its own, and there are many reasons why your business needs it.

You may not have any in-house IT resource at all or have IT staff who are unable to handle the amount of support your business needs to grow. As your business scales, you may need to upgrade or enhance your IT hardware, software, systems, networks and working practices and require the expertise to help you implement and manage these changes. And you may not be able to afford to employ an in-house IT team. Outsourcing your IT support can prove to be a way of accessing the expert support you need.

At some point in your business journey, you’ll be faced with the question of whether to continue managing your IT in-house or work with an outsourced managed IT support provider.

While every business is different, there are several common factors to bear in mind when weighing up the answer, from the comparative costs to the improved knowledge and expertise that a technology partner can bring.

Much will depend on the size of your organisation, the number of users and devices you have, and the systems and resources you need.

What are the benefits of outsourced IT support?

Cost is arguably the main benefit of outsourcing your IT support instead of keeping it in-house. Managed IT support is an extremely cost-effective way of bringing IT skills, knowledge and expertise into your business without having to recruit dedicated IT staff.

According to Glassdoor, the average UK salary for an IT Officer is £30,770, while for an IT manager, it’s £51,289. With employment costs on top, it represents a significant financial investment.

Outsourcing to a managed IT support provider such as Quintech will give you access to a broader range of experience and an expert team of specialist engineers and technicians. They’ll be able to guide your technology strategy and advise on the latest and best solutions to ensure your IT supports your business goals.

Some of the other benefits of outsourcing your IT support include:

Depth of knowledge

Unless your business has very deep pockets and can afford to cherry-pick the best IT talent, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to build an in-house team with all the skills you need to keep every aspect of your digital technology running smoothly. The reality is, in many businesses with a small in-house IT department, staff are under tremendous pressure to keep their systems, networks, devices and users working as they should and often struggle to do it all.

A significant benefit of managed IT support is it gives your business access to a bigger team with a greater depth of specialist knowledge and experience under their belt.

24/7 support

Digital technology has a habit of going down at precisely the wrong times – such as at the weekend or overnight – when there is no-one around to fix it.

One of the main benefits of outsourcing your IT support is that you get round the clock, year-round access to the support and services you need. It means that whenever there is a problem, you simply raise a call or support ticket, and your provider will jump on it quickly to help keep your business running as it should.

Less hassle

If you work with a technology partner like Quintech, we design our managed IT support services around your business needs to provide a complete solution.

This means less stress and hassle for you and your leadership team, so you can focus on the more important issues that come with running a business.

We can build multiple service features into your IT support package to ensure it aligns with your strategic objectives. It means you get priority response to all your IT issues, whether remote or onsite, and everything is packaged into a manageable pre-agreed single monthly fee.

Ongoing maintenance

An in-house IT team may struggle to keep on top of all the latest systems, software and security measures. Most managed IT support providers live and breathe the latest technology and solutions, which means  they’ll never miss a beat when it comes to keeping your IT running as it should.

Outsourced services tend to have their finger on the pulse and keep an eye out for updates and developments to ensure your business always runs the most up-to-date versions of software and operating systems and has the latest security patches installed.

Less risk

If your business only has a small in-house IT resource, its service will usually be more reactive than proactive. Your IT team will probably be more concerned with addressing IT issues as they arise rather than preventing them.

Outsourced IT support tends to be a more proactive service. Your managed IT support provider will monitor your networks, systems and users 24/7 and respond to issues quickly, often before they even occur.

This helps keep your IT more secure and reduces the risk of potential IT problems, which may lead to downtime and affect productivity.

It also means skilled engineers will be on-hand to resolve any IT problems when they do crop up, regardless of when that is, so you can maintain your operations and service delivery.

Futureproof technology

Managed IT support isn’t just about what your business needs now. It’s also about what technology you’ll need in the future as you scale and grow.

The right technology partner will be able to take care of all your day-to-day IT issues while keeping one eye on the future to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve as technology evolves.

This helps futureproof your business by ensuring you have the right technology in place so you can quickly adapt to changes in your market or industry. It also ensures you can continue to deliver exceptional service, while helping save you money in the long run.   

How can Quintech help?

Quintech can provide a comprehensive range of managed IT services tailored to suit your exact requirements.

As your strategic technology partner, we’ll immerse ourselves in your business to understand your strengths and challenges and identify where improvements can be made.

We’ll then create and implement the right technology solutions to support your long-term business ambitions.

We offer a full suite of managed IT support solutions to give your business everything it needs to succeed, from cloud, on-premise or hybrid server support to disaster recovery, cyber security and device and asset management. Everything’s packaged into a manageable single monthly fee for complete transparency and peace of mind. ​

Please get in touch to find out more about how we can improve your IT to support your business.